faad2-libs - Shared libraries of the FAAD 2 AAC decoder

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 7
Repository PUIAS Unsupported x86_64
Package filename faad2-libs-2.7-5.sdl7.x86_64.rpm
Package name faad2-libs
Package version 2.7
Package release 5.sdl7
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Category System Environment/Libraries
Homepage http://www.audiocoding.com/faad2.html
License GPLv2+
Maintainer -
Download size 149.01 KB
Installed size 269.50 KB
FAAD 2 is a LC, MAIN and LTP profile, MPEG2 and MPEG-4 AAC decoder, completely
written from scratch.
This package contains libfaad.


Package Version Architecture Repository
faad2-libs-2.7-9.el7.x86_64.rpm 2.7 x86_64 RPM Fusion Free Updates
faad2-libs-2.7-5.sdl7.i686.rpm 2.7 i686 PUIAS Unsupported
faad2-libs-2.7-5.el7.nux.x86_64.rpm 2.7 x86_64 Nux Dextop
faad2-libs - - -


Name Value
/sbin/ldconfig -
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.14)(64bit) -
libm.so.6()(64bit) -
libm.so.6(GLIBC_2.2.5)(64bit) -
rtld(GNU_HASH) -


Name Value
faad2-libs = 2.7-5.sdl7
faad2-libs(x86-64) = 2.7-5.sdl7
libfaad.so.2()(64bit) -


Name Value
faad2 < 2.6.1-3


Type URL
Mirror springdale.math.ias.edu
Binary Package faad2-libs-2.7-5.sdl7.x86_64.rpm
Source Package faad2-2.7-5.sdl7.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest puias-unsupported rpm from
  2. Install puias-unsupported rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh puias-unsupported*rpm
  3. Install faad2-libs rpm package:
    # yum install faad2-libs




2013-12-30 - Nicolas Chauvet <kwizart@gmail.com> - 1:2.7-5
- Rebuilt for F-20
2013-03-27 - Nicolas Chauvet <kwizart@gmail.com> - 1:2.7-4
- Change the escaping space hack - rhbz#928110
2013-03-03 - Nicolas Chauvet <kwizart@gmail.com> - 1:2.7-3
- Mass rebuilt for Fedora 19 Features
2012-01-25 - Nicolas Chauvet <kwizart@gmail.com> - 1:2.7-2
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_17_Mass_Rebuild
2009-03-13 - Dominik Mierzejewski <dominik [AT] greysector [DOT] net> 1:2.7-1
- update to 2.7
- don't install internal libmp4ff
- include manpage
- fix build on x86_64 (non-PIC objects in libmp4ff.a)
- fix rpaths
- make xmms plugin depend on -libs, not the frontend
- preserve docs timestamps
2008-11-10 - Dominik Mierzejewski <dominik [AT] greysector [DOT] net> 1:2.6.1-6
- fix CVE-2008-4201
2008-10-18 - Dominik Mierzejewski <dominik [AT] greysector [DOT] net> 1:2.6.1-5
- add Obsoletes: for xmms-aac to ensure smooth upgrade from Freshrpms
- add some additional docs for xmms-faad2
2008-08-03 - Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora [AT] leemhuis [DOT] info - 1:2.6.1-4
- rebuild
2008-01-13 - Dominik Mierzejewski <dominik [AT] greysector [DOT] net> 1:2.6.1-3
- split off libs to avoid multilib conflicts
2007-11-11 - Dominik Mierzejewski <dominik [AT] greysector [DOT] net> 1:2.6.1-2
- bring back the XMMS plugin
- move EOL fixup to prep
- fix URLs

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