php56u-compat - Compatability provides so php56u can work with more php packages

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 7
Repository Psychotic Ninja Testing x86_64
Package filename php56u-compat-0.01-2.el7.psychotic.x86_64.rpm
Package name php56u-compat
Package version 0.01
Package release 2.el7.psychotic
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Category Development/Languages
License WTFPL
Maintainer -
Download size 3.35 KB
Installed size 59 B
This is a virtual-Provides package to enable greater backwards compatability
for the IUS 'php56u' package with packages that Require unversioned provides
such as 'php' or 'php-imap' instead of the version Provides that IUS makes
available ('php65u', 'php56u-imap' for example).


Package Version Architecture Repository
php56u-compat-0.01-3.el7.psychotic.x86_64.rpm 0.01 x86_64 Psychotic Ninja Testing
php56u-compat-0.01-1.el7.psychotic.x86_64.rpm 0.01 x86_64 Psychotic Ninja Testing
php56u-compat - - -


Name Value
php = 5.6
php-cli = 5.6
php-common = 5.6
php-devel = 5.6
php-gd = 5.6
php-ldap = 5.6
php-mbstring = 5.6
php-mcrypt = 5.6
php-mysqlnd = 5.6
php-odbc = 5.6
php-pdo = 5.6
php-pear = 5.6
php-pecl-jsonc = 5.6
php-pecl-jsonc-devel = 5.6
php-pgsql = 5.6
php-process = 5.6
php-xml = 5.6
php-xmlrpc = 5.6
php56u-compat = 0.01-2.el7.psychotic
php56u-compat(x86-64) = 0.01-2.el7.psychotic


Type URL
Binary Package php56u-compat-0.01-2.el7.psychotic.x86_64.rpm
Source Package php56u-compat-0.01-2.el7.psychotic.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest psychotic-release rpm from
  2. Install psychotic-release rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh psychotic-release*rpm
  3. Install php56u-compat rpm package:
    # yum --enablerepo=psychotic-testing install php56u-compat




2017-11-05 - Psychotic Build System <> - 0.01-2
- Add explicit versioning for virtual provides
2017-11-05 - Psychotic Build System <> - 0.01-1
- Initial build for Psychotic Ninja; sourced from Psychotic Ninja.

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