msttcore-fonts-installer - Installer for Microsoft core TrueType fonts for better Windows Compatibility

Distribution: CentOS 7
Repository: Nux Dextop x86_64
Package name: msttcore-fonts-installer
Package version: 2.6
Package release: 1
Package architecture: noarch
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 23.83 KB
Download size: 29.85 KB
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This installs the TrueType core fonts for the web that were once available from prior to 2002, and most recently updated in the European Union Expansion Update circa May 2007, still available on the Microsoft website. This also installs Microsoft's ClearType fonts, see for more info. Note that the TrueType fonts are not part of the rpm. They are downloaded by the rpm when the rpm is installed. The font cab files are downloaded from a Sourceforge project mirror and unpacked at install time. Therefore this package technically does not 'redistribute' the cab files. The fonts are then added to the core X fonts system as well as the Xft font system. These are the cab files downloaded: andale32.exe, arialb32.exe, comic32.exe, courie32.exe, georgi32.exe, impact32.exe, webdin32.exe, EUupdate.EXE, wd97vwr32.exe, PowerPointViewer.exe The following cab files are only downloaded if EUupdate.EXE cannot be downloaded, since the EUupdate.EXE cab contains updates for the fonts in these cabs: arial32.exe, times32.exe, trebuc32.exe, verdan32.exe These are the fonts added: 1998 Andale Mono 2006 Arial: bold, bold italic, italic, regular 1998 Arial: black 2007 Calabri: bold, bold italic, italic, regular 2007 Cambria: bold, bold italic, italic 2007 Candara: bold, bold italic, italic, regular 2007 Consolas: bold, bold italic, italic, regular 2007 Constantia: bold, bold italic, italic, regular 2007 Corbel: bold, bold italic, italic, regular 1998 Comic: bold, regular 2000 Courier: bold, bold italic, italic, regular 1998 Impact 2006 Times: bold, bold italic, italic, regular 2006 Trebuchet: bold, bold italic, italic, regular 2006 Verdana: bold, bold italic, italic, regular 1998 Webdings



  • config(msttcore-fonts-installer) = 2.6-1
  • msttcore-fonts-installer = 2.6-1
  • msttcorefonts = 2.6-1


  • msttcorefonts <= 2.5-1

    Install Howto

    1. Download the latest nux-dextop-release rpm from
    2. Install nux-dextop-release rpm:
      # rpm -Uvh nux-dextop-release*rpm
    3. Install msttcore-fonts-installer rpm package:
      # yum install msttcore-fonts-installer


    • /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/09-msttcore-fontpath.conf
    • /usr/lib/msttcore-fonts-installer/cabfiles.sha256sums
    • /usr/lib/msttcore-fonts-installer/
    • /usr/share/doc/msttcore-fonts-installer/README
    • /usr/share/doc/msttcore-fonts-installer/changelog
    • /usr/share/doc/msttcore-fonts-installer/copyright
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/andalemo.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/arial.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/arialbd.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/arialbi.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/ariali.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/ariblk.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/calibri.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/calibrib.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/calibrii.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/calibriz.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/cambriab.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/cambriai.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/cambriaz.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/candara.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/candarab.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/candarai.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/candaraz.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/comic.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/comicbd.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/consola.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/consolab.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/consolai.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/consolaz.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/constan.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/constanb.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/constani.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/constanz.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/corbel.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/corbelb.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/corbeli.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/corbelz.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/cour.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/courbd.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/courbi.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/couri.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/fonts.dir
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/fonts.scale
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/georgia.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/georgiab.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/georgiai.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/georgiaz.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/impact.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/times.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/timesbd.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/timesbi.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/timesi.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/trebuc.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/trebucbd.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/trebucbi.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/trebucit.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/verdana.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/verdanab.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/verdanai.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/verdanaz.ttf
    • /usr/share/fonts/msttcore/webdings.ttf


    2013-05-29 - Rob Janes <janes.rob gmail com> 2.6-1 - added ClearType fonts, thanks to Robbie Litchfield. see for more info. - added %verify section to qualify rpm -V, thanks to discussion on rpmfusion - bumped version number past Daniel Resare's. Tried to coordinate with him, but he's working on mac stuff now and not interested - "I've given up on Linux on the desktop." - available at

    2012-10-07 - Rob Janes <janes.rob gmail com> 2.2-1 - moved install script to shell script, run in post step - switched to sha256 from md5 - available at

    2012-09-15 - Rob Janes <janes.rob gmail com> 2.1-2 - updated comments, messages, description and such. - don't download older cabs for fonts in the EUupdate.EXE file, unless the download for the EUupdate failed. - available at

    2012-09-09 - Daniel Resare <noa resare com> 2.5-1 - Daniel Resare: "Ouch, that was a few years. Due to the kind contributions of Deven T. Corzine we now have an updated (and working!) package again." - Almost the same feature set as Dennis Johnson's 2.0-6 - updates the hardcoded sourceforge mirror list - does not use sourceforge's mirror redirect (meaning it will get out of date again). - replaces deprecated BuildPrereq with BuildRequires - available at

    2012-09-08 - Rob Janes <janes.rob gmail com> 2.1-1 - generates distributable rpm that downloads and unpacks the fonts at install time, not rpmbuild time - available at

    2012-09-08 - Rob Janes <janes.rob gmail com> 2.0-7 - added EUupdate.EXE European Union Expansion Update circa May 2007 - refactored sourceforge mirror stuff - replaced wget with curl, which seems to be installed by default on fedora - replaced ttmkfdir with mkfontscale and mkfontdir. This creates fonts.dir file for the core X font system. ttmkfdir has been supersceded by mkfontdir - they both create fonts.dir but mkfontdir is part of xorg-x11-font-utils. - removed 09-msttcorefonts.conf and refactored fc-cache lines. fc-cache walks subdirectories so the 09-msttcorefonts.conf to add the /usr/share/font/msttcore is redundant. fc-cache indexes for the Xft font system, not the legacy core X font system. - added 09-msttcore-fontpath.conf to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d for core X font system - added xset fp+ to add the fontdirectory to core X font for the current session so the installer doesn't have to relogin. - available at

    2011-08-15 - Dennis Johnson 2.0-6 - BuildRequires ttmkfdir, cabextract, wget - removes Requires - fixes sourceforge mirror - generates 09-msttcorefonts.conf - restores call to ttmkfdir in install section - available from

    2010-12-11 - Hnr Kordewiner <> 2.0-5 - move 09-msttcorefonts.conf to this spec file - drop %{ttmkfdir} - again - msttcore fonts history site setup at - available from

    2010-06-07 - Zied FAKHFAKH <> 2.0-3 - removed chkfontpath dependency for Fedora >= 9 - removed prerun and post chkconfig reference - divergent development, same purpose as Andrew Bartlett's but derived from Noa Resare's 2.0-1 - available from