foolsm - The Foobar Link Status Monitor

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 7
Repository Lux all
Package filename foolsm-1.0.9-1.el7.lux.x86_64.rpm
Package name foolsm
Package version 1.0.9
Package release 1.el7.lux
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
License GPLv2
Maintainer -
Download size 62.60 KB
Installed size 87.22 KB
Foolsm is the Foobar Link Status Monitor.
Foolsm can ping multiple targets and when up or down event happens
it will execute user configured external script so it can be used
as poor man's routing protocol.


Package Version Architecture Repository
foolsm - - -


Name Value -
mailx -
rtld(GNU_HASH) -
systemd-units -


Name Value
config(foolsm) = 1.0.9-1.el7.lux
foolsm = 1.0.9-1.el7.lux
foolsm(x86-64) = 1.0.9-1.el7.lux
lsm = 1.0.9-1.el7.lux


Name Value
lsm < 1.0.7-1


Name Value
lsm < 1.0.7-1


Type URL
Binary Package foolsm-1.0.9-1.el7.lux.x86_64.rpm
Source Package foolsm-1.0.9-1.el7.lux.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest lux-release rpm from
  2. Install lux-release rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh elrepo-release*rpm
  3. Install foolsm rpm package:
    # yum install foolsm




2016-12-18 - Mika Ilmaranta <> - 1.0.9-1
- README: fixed note about assumed start state
2016-09-09 - Mika Ilmaranta <> - 1.0.8-1
- foolsm.spec: triggers to move old lsm config for foolsm
- fix forever loop in waitpid while loop
2016-09-07 - Mika Ilmaranta <> - 1.0.7-1
- project name changed to foolsm due to conflicting path(s) with
2016-09-07 - Mika Ilmaranta <> - 1.0.6-1
- patches from Andrew Timonin, better handling of waitpid, debug message
fixes and ipv4 srcinfo handling
2016-05-13 - Mika Ilmaranta <> - 1.0.5-1
- patches from Lucas de Castro Borges for Debian
- exept for POSIX compliancy scriptdir PREFIX/libexec/lsm
2016-01-26 - Mika Ilmaranta <> - 1.0.4-1
- For systemd start after shorewall otherwise shorewall_script
may be executed too early
2015-12-04 - Mika Ilmaranta <> - 1.0.3-1
- recursive read_config reported errors many times
2015-12-04 - Mika Ilmaranta <> - 1.0.2-1
- call init_config in reload_config
2015-12-04 - Mika Ilmaranta <> - 1.0.1-1
- double free() fix?
2015-11-19 - Mika Ilmaranta <> - 1.0-1
- script API change. pass empty strings to scripts without converting to
"-" or "NA".
- include and -include now support patterns

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