Harbottle ERGEL x86_64

Package Description
ergel-release-7-3.el7.harbottle.x86_64.rpm Extra Ruby Gems for Enterprise Linux repository configuration
rubygem-POpen4-0.1.4-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Open4 cross-platform
rubygem-Platform-0.4.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Hopefully robust platform sensing
rubygem-anemone-0.7.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Anemone web-spider framework
rubygem-arr-pm-0.0.10-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm This library allows to you to read and write rpm packages. Written in pure ruby because librpm is not available on all systems
rubygem-backports-3.15.0-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Essential backports that enable many of the nice features of Ruby for earlier versions
rubygem-cabin-0.9.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm This is an experiment to try and make logging more flexible and more consumable. Plain text logs are bullshit, let's emit structured and contextual logs. Metrics, too!
rubygem-chartkick-2.3.5-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Create beautiful JavaScript charts with one line of Ruby
rubygem-clamp-1.0.1-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Clamp provides an object-model for command-line utilities
rubygem-coderay-1.1.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Fast and easy syntax highlighting for selected languages, written in Ruby. Comes with RedCloth integration and LOC counter
rubygem-color-1.8.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Color is a Ruby library to provide basic RGB, CMYK, HSL, and other colourspace
rubygem-colorize-0.8.1-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Extends String class or add a ColorizedString with methods to set text color, background color and text effects
rubygem-concurrent-ruby-1.0.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Modern concurrency tools including agents, futures, promises, thread pools, actors, supervisors, and more
rubygem-concurrent-ruby-edge-0.2.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm These features are under active development and may change frequently. They are expected not to
rubygem-concurrent-ruby-ext-1.0.2-4.el7.harbottle.x86_64.rpm C extensions to optimize the concurrent-ruby gem when running under MRI
rubygem-corineus-0.1.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Corineus is a wrapper for the kinit and nsupdate commands to allow easy authenticated updates of DNS records on a Microsoft Windows DNS server from Linux
rubygem-crass-1.0.5-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Crass is a pure Ruby CSS parser based on the CSS Syntax Level 3 spec
rubygem-dotenv-2.7.5-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Loads environment variables from `.env`
rubygem-et-orbi-1.2.2-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Time zones for fugit and rufus-scheduler. Urbi et Orbi
rubygem-facter-2.5.6-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm You can prove anything with facts!
rubygem-faraday-0.17.1-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm HTTP/REST API client library
rubygem-filesize-0.2.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm filesize is a small class for handling filesizes with both the SI and binary prefixes, allowing conversion from any size to any other size
rubygem-fpm-1.10.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Convert directories, rpms, python eggs, rubygems, and more to rpms, debs, solaris packages and more. Win at package management without wasting pointless hours debugging bad rpm specs!
rubygem-fpm-cookery-0.31.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm A tool for building software packages with fpm
rubygem-fugit-1.3.3-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Time tools for flor and the floraison project. Cron parsing and occurrence computing. Timestamps and more
rubygem-geo_pattern-1.4.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Generate SVG beautiful patterns
rubygem-git-scribe-0.1.1-3.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm git-scribe is a workflow tool for starting, writing, reviewing and publishing
rubygem-gitlab-4.5.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Ruby client and CLI for GitLab API
rubygem-gosu-0.11.2-2.el7.harbottle.x86_64.rpm 2D game development library
rubygem-hiera-1.3.4-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm A pluggable data store for hierarcical data
rubygem-hike-2.1.3-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm A Ruby library for finding files in a set of paths
rubygem-http_router-0.11.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm This library allows you to recognize and build URLs in a Rack application
rubygem-ice_nine-0.11.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Deep Freeze Ruby Objects
rubygem-insist-1.0.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm A simple block-driven assertion library for both testing and for production code
rubygem-io-like-0.3.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm The IO::Like module provides the methods of an IO object based upon on a few simple methods provided by the including class: unbuffered_read, unbuffered_write, and unbuffered_seek. These methods provide the underlying read, write, and seek support respectively, and only the method or methods necessary to the correct operation of the IO aspects of the including class need to be provided. Missing functionality will cause the resulting object to appear read-only, write-only, and/or unseekable depending on which underlying methods are absent. Additionally, read and write operations which are buffered in IO are buffered with independently configurable buffer sizes. Duplexed objects (those with separate read and write streams) are also supported
rubygem-java-properties-0.1.1-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Tool for loading and writing Java properties files
rubygem-little-plugger-1.1.4-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm LittlePlugger is a module that provides Gem based plugin management
rubygem-logging-1.8.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Logging is a flexible logging library for use in Ruby programs based on the
rubygem-loofah-2.4.0-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Loofah is a general library for manipulating and transforming HTML/XML documents and fragments, built on top of Nokogiri
rubygem-mattermost-ruby-0.4.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm An ActiveModel-inspired API client for Mattermost
rubygem-mcollective-client-2.12.5-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Client libraries for the Mcollective Application Server
rubygem-method_source-0.9.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm retrieve the sourcecode for a method
rubygem-mini_portile-0.6.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Simplistic port-like solution for developers. It provides a standard and simplified way to compile against dependency libraries without messing up your system
rubygem-mustache-0.99.8-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Inspired by ctemplate, Mustache is a framework-agnostic way to render
rubygem-parseconfig-1.0.8-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm ParseConfig provides simple parsing of standard configuration files in the form of 'param = value'. It also supports nested [group] sections
rubygem-pkg-config-1.4.0-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm pkg-config can be used in your extconf.rb to properly detect need libraries for compiling Ruby native extensions
rubygem-pleaserun-0.0.30-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm pleaserun
rubygem-polyglot-0.3.5-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm The Polyglot library allows a Ruby module to register a loader
rubygem-posix-spawn-0.3.13-2.el7.harbottle.x86_64.rpm posix-spawn uses posix_spawnp(2) for faster process spawning
rubygem-pry-0.12.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm An IRB alternative and runtime developer console
rubygem-puma-3.11.4-2.el7.harbottle.x86_64.rpm Puma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly concurrent HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack applications. Puma is intended for use in both development and production environments. It's great for highly concurrent Ruby implementations such as Rubinius and JRuby as well as as providing process worker support to support CRuby well
rubygem-puppet-3.8.7-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Puppet, an automated configuration management tool
rubygem-r10k_gitlab_webhook-0.1.3-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Web hook to trigger r10k deploy
rubygem-raabro-1.1.6-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm A very dumb PEG parser library, with a horrible interface
rubygem-rackspace-0.1.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Ruby interface to various Rackspace Cloud APIs
rubygem-rails-html-sanitizer-1.3.0-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm HTML sanitization for Rails applications
rubygem-rb-readline-0.5.5-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm The readline library provides a pure Ruby implementation of the GNU readline C library, as well as the Readline extension that ships as part of the standard library
rubygem-redis-namespace-1.6.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Adds a Redis::Namespace class which can be used to namespace calls
rubygem-robotex-1.0.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Obey Robots.txt
rubygem-rpm-0.0.5-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Ruby bindings for rpm. Almost a drop-in replacement for ruby-rpm. Uses FFI
rubygem-ruby-lxc-1.2.3-2.el7.harbottle.x86_64.rpm Ruby-LXC is a Ruby binding for the liblxc library, allowing
rubygem-ruby-wmctrl-0.0.8-1.el7.harbottle.x86_64.rpm Ruby bindings to control windows in EWMH and NetWM compatible X Window manager, which is created from source code of wmctrl command
rubygem-ruby-xz-0.2.3-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm These are simple Ruby bindings for the liblzma library
rubygem-ruby_expect-1.7.4-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Ruby implementation for send/expect interaction
rubygem-rufus-scheduler-3.6.0-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Job scheduler for Ruby (at, cron, in and every jobs). Not a replacement for crond
rubygem-slop-3.6.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm A simple DSL for gathering options and parsing the command line
rubygem-sprockets-3.7.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Sprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system that concatenates and serves JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS, LESS, Sass, and SCSS
rubygem-stomp-1.4.9-1.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Ruby client for the Stomp messaging protocol
rubygem-stud-0.0.23-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm small reusable bits of code I'm tired of writing over and over. A library form of my software-patterns github repo
rubygem-terminal-table-1.8.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Simple, feature rich ascii table generation library
rubygem-treetop-1.6.10-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm A Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) Parser generator DSL for Ruby
rubygem-unicode-display_width-1.1.3-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm [Unicode 9.0.0] Determines the monospace display width of a string using EastAsianWidth.txt, Unicode general category, and other data
rubygem-url_mount-0.2.1-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Glue to allow mounted rack applications to know where they're mounted
rubygem-webkit_remote-0.6.0-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Launches Google Chrome instances and controls them via the Remote Debugging server
rubygem-websocket-1.2.8-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol
rubygem-websocket-native-1.0.0-2.el7.harbottle.x86_64.rpm Native Extension for WebSocket gem
rubygem-ws_sync_client-0.1.2-2.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm WebSocket client that does not require asynchronous programming
rubygem-xlib-1.2.0-3.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Talk to X11 using ruby
rubygem-xlib-objects-0.7.6-3.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Ruby bindings for X11
rubygem-xlib-xinput2-1.0.0-3.el7.harbottle.noarch.rpm Interface to Xlib XInput extensions Version 2