google-noto-serif-lao-fonts - Serif Lao font

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Distribution CentOS 7
Repository CentOS x86_64
Package name google-noto-serif-lao-fonts
Package version 20141117
Package release 5.el7
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
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Noto fonts aims to remove tofu from web by providing fonts for all
Unicode supported scripts. Its design goal is to achieve visual harmonization
between multiple scripts. Noto family supports almost all scripts available
in Unicode.
Noto Serif font for Lao.


Package Version Architecture Repository
google-noto-serif-lao-fonts - - -


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fontpackages-filesystem -
google-noto-fonts-common = 20141117-5.el7


Name Value
config(google-noto-serif-lao-fonts) = 20141117-5.el7
font(:lang=lo) -
font(notoseriflao) -
google-noto-serif-lao-fonts = 20141117-5.el7


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Binary Package google-noto-serif-lao-fonts-20141117-5.el7.noarch.rpm
Source Package google-noto-fonts-20141117-5.el7.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install google-noto-serif-lao-fonts rpm package:

# yum install google-noto-serif-lao-fonts




2016-03-10 - Pravin Satpute <> - 20141117-5
- Resolves: #1269444: including CJK subpackage
- Rebase from Fedora 22 - 20141117-5 SRPM
- improve generated font subpackage descriptions
- it is Hanunoo not Hanuno!
- specify font filenames more precisely
2014-12-15 - Jens Petersen <> - 20141117-4
- add obsoletes to cover the change of package names for Hanuno, Linear B,
and Meetei Mayek
2014-12-02 - Jens Petersen <> - 20141117-3
- create the fonts subpackages with a macro
2014-11-21 - Jens Petersen <> - 20141117-2
- move cjk fonts fontconfig priority from 65-0 to 66
- generate the appinfo metainfo for the subpackages
- use a single for-loop to install the font config and appdata files
- move parent appinfo metainfo to common (Parag Nemade)
2014-11-20 - Jens Petersen <> - 20141117-1
- update to latest git (aae16d0cd626)
- package Japanese, Korean, and CJK fonts
- add Thaana font
- add common subpackage for license and doc files
- order spec subpackages lexically
2014-11-19 - Peng Wu <> - 20141001-5
- Rename Chinese sub-packages
2014-11-12 - Peng Wu <> - 20141001-4
- Add Chinese fonts
2014-11-11 - Parag Nemade <pnemade AT redhat DOT com> - 20141001-3
- Add metainfo file to show this font in gnome-software
2014-11-03 - Pravin Satpute <> - 20141001-2
- Resolves #1159562: Typo in fontconfig file
2014-10-01 - Pravin Satpute <> - 20141001-1
- Google stops release tarball. Zip file derived from git Download zip.
- 45 new packages added as follows.
- kufi-arabic-fonts, naskh-arabic-fonts, naskh-arabic-ui-fonts, sans-balinese-fonts, 
- sans-bamum-fonts, sans-batak-fonts, sans-buginese-fonts, sans-buhid-fonts, 
- sans-canadian-aboriginal-fonts, sans-cham-fonts, sans-cuneiform-fonts, sans-cypriot-fonts, 
- sans-gothic-fonts, sans-gurmukhi-fonts, sans-gurmukhi-ui-fonts, 
- sans-inscriptional-pahlavi-fonts, sans-inscriptional-parthian-fonts, sans-javanese-fonts, 
- sans-lepcha-fonts, sans-limbu-fonts, sans-linearb-fonts, sans-mongolian-fonts, 
- sans-myanmar-fonts, sans-myanmar-ui-fonts, sans-new-tai-lue-fonts, sans-ogham-fonts, 
- sans-ol-chiki-fonts, sans-old-italic-fonts, sans-old-persian-fonts, sans-phags-pa-fonts, 
- sans-rejang-fonts, sans-runic-fonts, sans-samaritan-fonts, sans-saurashtra-fonts, 
- sans-sinhala-fonts, sans-sundanese-fonts, sans-syloti-nagri-fonts, sans-syriac-eastern-fonts, 
- sans-syriac-estrangela-fonts, sans-syriac-western-fonts, sans-tagbanwa-fonts, 
- sans-tai-le-fonts, sans-tifinagh-fonts, sans-yi-fonts
- Resolves #1148413

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