gfs2-utils - Utilities for managing the global file system (GFS2)

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Distribution CentOS 7
Repository CentOS x86_64
Package name gfs2-utils
Package version 3.1.10
Package release 9.el7
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
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The gfs2-utils package contains a number of utilities for creating,
checking, modifying, and correcting any inconsistencies in GFS2
file systems.


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gfs2-utils = 3.1.10-9.el7
gfs2-utils(x86-64) = 3.1.10-9.el7


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gfs2-cluster < 3.1.10


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Binary Package gfs2-utils-3.1.10-9.el7.x86_64.rpm
Source Package gfs2-utils-3.1.10-9.el7.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gfs2-utils rpm package:

# yum install gfs2-utils




2018-09-06 - Andrew Price <> - 3.1.10-9
- fsck.gfs2: Don't check fs formats we don't recognise
- libgfs2: Fix pointer cast byte order issue
Resolves: rhbz#1616389
2018-06-22 - Andrew Price <> - 3.1.10-8
- glocktop: Remove a non-existent flag from the usage string
Resolves: rhbz#1544944
2018-04-15 - Andrew Price <> - 3.1.10-7
- mkfs.gfs2: Scale down journal size for smaller devices
Resolves: rhbz#1498068
2017-12-05 - Andrew Price <> - 3.1.10-6
- gfs2_edit: Print offsets of indirect pointers
Resolves: rhbz#1518938
2017-11-02 - Andrew Price <> - 3.1.10-5
- Update URL in spec file
Resolves: rhbz#1501738
- fsck.gfs2: Make -p, -n and -y conflicting options
Resolves: rhbz#1507091
2017-08-18 - Andrew Price <> - 3.1.10-4
- gfs2_edit savemeta: Fix up saving of dinodes/symlinks
Resolves: rhbz#1482542
2017-04-18 - Andrew Price <> - 3.1.10-3
- libgfs2: Issue one write per rgrp when creating them
- mkfs.gfs2: Fix resource group alignment issue
- mkfs.gfs2: Free unnecessary cached pages, disable readahead
Resolves: rhbz#1440269
2017-03-28 - Andrew Price <> - 3.1.10-2
- gfs2_grow: Disable rgrp alignment when dev topology is unsuitable
Resolves: rhbz#1436772
2017-03-28 - Andrew Price <> - 3.1.10-1
- Rebase to new upstream version 3.1.10
Resolves: rhbz#1348601
Resolves: rhbz#1356685
Resolves: rhbz#1382087
Resolves: rhbz#1405163
Resolves: rhbz#1430399
- Make dependency on libuuid explicit
2017-03-15 - Andrew Price <> - 3.1.9-4
- Enable ppc64le builds
Resolves: rhbz#1426651

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