ca-certificates - The Mozilla CA root certificate bundle

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 7
Repository CentOS x86_64
Package name ca-certificates
Package version 2017.2.20
Package release 71.el7
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 975.48 KB
Download size 401.18 KB
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This package contains the set of CA certificates chosen by the
Mozilla Foundation for use with the Internet PKI.


Package Version Architecture Repository
ca-certificates-2018.2.22-70.0.el7_5.noarch.rpm 2018.2.22 noarch CentOS Updates
ca-certificates - - -


Name Value
p11-kit >= 0.23.5
p11-kit-trust >= 0.23.5


Name Value
ca-certificates = 2017.2.20-71.el7
config(ca-certificates) = 2017.2.20-71.el7


Type URL
Binary Package ca-certificates-2017.2.20-71.el7.noarch.rpm
Source Package ca-certificates-2017.2.20-71.el7.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install the ca-certificates rpm package:

# yum install ca-certificates




2017-11-29 - Kai Engert <> - 2017.2.20-71
- Update to CKBI 2.20 from NSS 3.34.1
2017-10-26 - Kai Engert <> - 2017.2.18-71
- Update to CKBI 2.18 (pre-release snapshot)
2017-09-26 - Kai Engert <> - 2017.2.16-71
- Update to CKBI 2.16 from NSS 3.32. In addition to removals/additions,
Mozilla removed code signing trust from all CAs (rhbz#1472933)
2017-04-28 - Kai Engert <> - 2017.2.14-71
- Update to CKBI 2.14 from NSS 3.30.2
2017-03-10 - Kai Engert <> - 2017.2.11-73
- No longer trust legacy CAs
2017-03-10 - Kai Engert <> - 2017.2.11-72
- Changed the packaged bundle to use the flexible p11-kit-object-v1 file format,
as a preparation to fix bugs in the interaction between p11-kit-trust and
Mozilla applications, such as Firefox, Thunderbird etc.
- For CAs trusted by Mozilla, set attribute nss-mozilla-ca-policy: true
- Require p11-kit 0.23.5
- Added an utility to help with comparing output of the trust dump command.
2017-01-17 - Kai Engert <> - 2017.2.11-71
- Update to CKBI 2.11 from NSS 3.28.1 with legacy modifications.
- Use comments in extracted bundle files.
- Change packaging script to support empty legacy bundles.
2016-05-10 - Kai Engert <> - 2016.2.6-73
- Use sln, not ln, to avoid the dependency on coreutils (rhbz#1328586)
2016-04-25 - Kai Engert <> - 2015.2.6-72
- Fixed a typo in a manual page (rhbz#1303960)
2016-01-27 - Kai Engert <> - 2015.2.6-71
- Update to CKBI 2.6 from NSS 3.21 with legacy modifications.

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