rh-maven33-maven-failsafe-plugin - Maven plugin for running integration tests

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 7
Repository CentOS SCLo RH x86_64
Package filename rh-maven33-maven-failsafe-plugin-2.15-3.13.el7.noarch.rpm
Package name rh-maven33-maven-failsafe-plugin
Package version 2.15
Package release 3.13.el7
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Homepage http://maven.apache.org/surefire/
License ASL 2.0 and CPL
Maintainer -
Download size 79.95 KB
Installed size 86.95 KB
The Failsafe Plugin is designed to run integration tests while the
Surefire Plugins is designed to run unit. The name (failsafe) was
chosen both because it is a synonym of surefire and because it implies
that when it fails, it does so in a safe way.
If you use the Surefire Plugin for running tests, then when you have a
test failure, the build will stop at the integration-test phase and
your integration test environment will not have been torn down
The Failsafe Plugin is used during the integration-test and verify
phases of the build lifecycle to execute the integration tests of an
application. The Failsafe Plugin will not fail the build during the
integration-test phase thus enabling the post-integration-test phase
to execute.


Package Version Architecture Repository
rh-maven33-maven-failsafe-plugin-2.15-3.13.el7.noarch.rpm 2.15 noarch CentOS SCLo RH Testing
rh-maven33-maven-failsafe-plugin - - -


Name Value
java -
rh-maven33-mvn(org.apache.maven.plugin-tools:maven-plugin-annotations) -
rh-maven33-mvn(org.apache.maven.shared:maven-shared-utils) -
rh-maven33-mvn(org.apache.maven.surefire:maven-surefire-common) = 2.15
rh-maven33-mvn(org.apache.maven.surefire:surefire-api) = 2.15
rh-maven33-mvn(org.apache.maven:maven-plugin-api) -
rh-maven33-runtime -


Name Value
rh-maven33-maven-failsafe-plugin = 2.15-3.13.el7
rh-maven33-mvn(org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-failsafe-plugin) = 2.15
rh-maven33-mvn(org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-failsafe-plugin:pom:) = 2.15


Type URL
Mirror mirror.centos.org
Binary Package rh-maven33-maven-failsafe-plugin-2.15-3.13.el7.noarch.rpm
Source Package rh-maven33-maven-surefire-2.15-3.13.el7.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Install CentOS SCLo RH repository:
    yum install centos-release-scl-rh
  2. Install rh-maven33-maven-failsafe-plugin rpm package:
    # yum install rh-maven33-maven-failsafe-plugin




2016-02-08 - Michal Srb <msrb@redhat.com> - 0:2.15-3.13
- Fix BR on maven-local & co.
2016-01-11 - Michal Srb <msrb@redhat.com> - 0:2.15-3.12
- maven33 rebuild #2
2016-01-09 - Michal Srb <msrb@redhat.com> - 0:2.15-3.11
- maven33 rebuild
2015-01-15 - Mikolaj Izdebski <mizdebsk@redhat.com> - 0:2.15-3.10
- Add directory ownership on %{_mavenpomdir} subdir
2015-01-13 - Michael Simacek <msimacek@redhat.com> - 0:2.15-3.9
- Mass rebuild 2015-01-13
2015-01-06 - Michael Simacek <msimacek@redhat.com> - 0:2.15-3.8
- Mass rebuild 2015-01-06
2014-05-26 - Mikolaj Izdebski <mizdebsk@redhat.com> - 0:2.15-3.7
- Mass rebuild 2014-05-26
2014-02-19 - Mikolaj Izdebski <mizdebsk@redhat.com> - 0:2.15-3.6
- Mass rebuild 2014-02-19
2014-02-18 - Mikolaj Izdebski <mizdebsk@redhat.com> - 0:2.15-3.5
- Mass rebuild 2014-02-18
2014-02-14 - Mikolaj Izdebski <mizdebsk@redhat.com> - 0:2.15-3.4
- Non-bootstrap build

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