epel-release - Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux repository configuration

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 7
Repository CentOS Extras x86_64
Package name epel-release
Package version 7
Package release 11
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 24.25 KB
Download size 14.73 KB
Official Mirror mirror.centos.org
This package contains the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) repository
GPG key as well as configuration for yum.


Package Version Architecture Repository
epel-release-7-11.noarch.rpm 7 noarch EPEL
epel-release - - -


Name Value
redhat-release >= 7


Name Value
config(epel-release) = 7-11
epel-release = 7-11


Name Value
fedora-release -


Type URL
Binary Package epel-release-7-11.noarch.rpm
Source Package epel-release-7-11.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install epel-release rpm package:

# yum install epel-release




2017-10-02 - Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> - 7-11
- Add Conflicts on fedora-release to prevent people from installing on Fedora systems. Fixes bug #1497702
2017-06-24 - Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> - 7-10
- Change mirrorlist= in repo files to be metalink= (as thats what they are). Fixes bug #1451212
2016-12-27 - Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> - 7-9
- Add preset for drbdlinks package. Fixes bug #1405744
2016-07-23 - Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> - 7-8
- Drop duplicate libstoragemgmt from presets. Fixes bug #1358971
2016-06-03 - Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> - 7-7
- Drop initial-setup from presets. Fixes bug #1342511
2016-03-30 - Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs@math.uh.edu> - 7-6
- Remove macros.epel; let epel-rpm-macros handle it instead.
2014-11-25 - Rex Dieter <rdieter@fedoraproject.org> 7-5
- fix typo in macros.epel
2014-11-21 - Rex Dieter <rdieter@fedoraproject.org> 7-4
- add systemd 90-epel.preset
2014-11-21 - Rex Dieter <rdieter@fedoraproject.org> 7-3
- implement %epel macro
2014-09-02 - Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> 7-2
- Make repo files config(noreplace). Fixes bug #1135576

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