perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo - Extract distribution name and version from a distribution filename

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 6
Repository PUIAS Computational i386
Package name perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo
Package version 0.09
Package release 1.puias6
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 10.65 KB
Download size 11.41 KB
Official Mirror
Many online services that are centered around CPAN attempt to
associate multiple uploads by extracting a distribution name from the
filename of the upload. For most distributions this is easy as they
have used ExtUtils::MakeMaker or Module::Build to create the
distribution, which results in a uniform name. But sadly not all
uploads are created in this way.
CPAN::DistnameInfo uses heuristics that have been learnt by to extract the distribution name and version
from filenames and also report if the version is to be treated as a
developer release.


Package Version Architecture Repository
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.09-1.puias6.noarch.rpm 0.09 noarch PUIAS Computational
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.09-1.puias6.noarch.rpm 0.09 noarch PUIAS Unsupported
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.09-1.puias6.noarch.rpm 0.09 noarch PUIAS Unsupported
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.09-1.el6.rf.noarch.rpm 0.09 noarch Repoforge (RPMforge)
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.09-1.el6.rf.noarch.rpm 0.09 noarch Repoforge (RPMforge)
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.09-1.el6.noarch.rpm 0.09 noarch EPEL
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.09-1.el6.noarch.rpm 0.09 noarch EPEL
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo - - -


Name Value
perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.10.1) -
perl(strict) -


Name Value
perl(CPAN::DistnameInfo) = 0.09
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo = 0.09-1.puias6


Type URL
Binary Package perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.09-1.puias6.noarch.rpm
Source Package perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.09-1.puias6.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest puias-computational rpm from
  2. Install puias-computational rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh puias-computational*rpm
  3. Install perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo rpm package:
    # yum install perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo




2010-02-13 - Steven Pritchard <> 0.09-1
- Update to 0.09.
2009-12-04 - Stepan Kasal <> - 0.08-3
- rebuild against perl 5.10.1
2009-07-25 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.08-2
- Rebuilt for
2009-05-12 - Steven Pritchard <> 0.08-1
- Update to 0.08.
- BR Test::More.
2009-02-26 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.07-2
- Rebuilt for
2008-07-02 - Steven Pritchard <> 0.07-1
- Update to 0.07.
- Improve Summary.
- Drop our copies of COPYING and Artistic.
2008-02-08 - Tom "spot" Callaway <> 0.06-4
- rebuild for new perl
2007-04-17 - Steven Pritchard <> 0.06-3
- Use fixperms macro instead of our own chmod incantation.
- BR ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
2006-09-16 - Steven Pritchard <> 0.06-2
- Canonicalize Source0 URL.
- Fix find option order.
2005-09-19 - Steven Pritchard <> 0.06-1
- Specfile autogenerated.

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