pdbsql - PDB files as a relational database

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 6
Repository PUIAS Computational i386
Package name pdbsql
Package version 3.17
Package release 1.puias6
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 60.36 KB
Download size 20.46 KB
Official Mirror springdale.math.ias.edu
The pdbsql package includes two important pieces:
- An SQLite schema that represents PDB files as a relational database.
- A Perl script for converting PDB 3.0 files to the SQLite form.
The goal of this package is to allow users to write code that consumes
data contained within PDB files in a wider set of languages than
currently provided by the C++ Ductape API alone.  Any language that
has a binding to SQLite can use this method of accessing PDB data.
Furthermore, the use of SQL to construct queries on the data removes
the need for the user to explicitly code up the query by combining STL
data structures, iterators, and query-specific logic.  This also means
that general purpose user interface tools for accessing the data in
the database can traverse the PDB data using the standard SQL language.


Package Version Architecture Repository
pdbsql-3.17-1.puias6.noarch.rpm 3.17 noarch PUIAS Computational
pdbsql - - -


Name Value
pdtoolkit = 3.17-1.puias6
perl(strict) -
sqlite -


Name Value
pdbsql = 3.17-1.puias6
perl(pdbSql) -


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Binary Package pdbsql-3.17-1.puias6.noarch.rpm
Source Package pdtoolkit-3.17-1.puias6.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest puias-computational rpm from
  2. Install puias-computational rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh puias-computational*rpm
  3. Install pdbsql rpm package:
    # yum install pdbsql




2012-01-02 - Josko Plazonic <plazonic@math.princeton.edu>
- adapted for puias
2011-12-07 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 3.17-alt1
- Version 3.17
2011-02-09 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 3.16-alt4
- Rebuilt for debuginfo
2010-10-01 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 3.16-alt3
- Fixed edgcpfe by disabling strip
2010-08-31 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 3.16-alt2
- Fixed for checkbashisms
2010-07-16 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 3.16-alt1
- Version 3.16
2009-08-30 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 3.14.1-alt5
- Added shared library
2009-06-14 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 3.14.1-alt4
- Rebuild with PIC
2009-06-09 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 3.14.1-alt3
- Rename tau_instrumentor -> tau_instrumentor_pdt
2009-05-13 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 3.14.1-alt2
- Rebuild with gcc 4.4

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