perl-Test-RDF - Test RDF data for content, validity and equality, etc

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 6
Repository Open Fusion x86_64
Package filename perl-Test-RDF-1.22-1.of.el6.noarch.rpm
Package name perl-Test-RDF
Package version 1.22
Package release 1.of.el6
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Development/Libraries
License GPL+ or Artistic
Maintainer -
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Installed size 47.95 KB
This Perl module, Test::RDF, provides tools for testing code which deals
with RDF. It can test RDF for validity, check if two RDF graphs are the
same, or subgraphs of each other, if a URI is or is not in a dataset, if it
has certain subjects, predicates, objects or literals. It can also test to
see if a full pattern is present or absent.


Package Version Architecture Repository
perl-Test-RDF-1.22-1.of.el6.noarch.rpm 1.22 noarch Open Fusion
perl-Test-RDF-1.14-1.of.el6.noarch.rpm 1.14 noarch Open Fusion
perl-Test-RDF-1.14-1.of.el6.noarch.rpm 1.14 noarch Open Fusion
perl-Test-RDF - - -


Name Value
perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.10.1) -
perl(RDF::Trine) >= 0.134
perl(Test::Builder::Module) -
perl(Test::More) -


Name Value
perl(Test::RDF) = 1.22
perl-Test-RDF = 1.22-1.of.el6


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Binary Package perl-Test-RDF-1.22-1.of.el6.noarch.rpm
Source Package perl-Test-RDF-1.22-1.of.el6.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest openfusion-release rpm from
  2. Install openfusion-release rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh openfusion-release*rpm
  3. Install perl-Test-RDF rpm package:
    # yum install perl-Test-RDF




2018-10-19 - Gavin Carr <> 1.22-1
- Update to version 1.22.
2013-06-14 - Gavin Carr <> 1.14-1
- Specfile autogenerated by cpanspec 1.79.

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