perl-Spiffy - Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 6
Repository Open Fusion x86_64
Package filename perl-Spiffy-0.30-1.of.el6.noarch.rpm
Package name perl-Spiffy
Package version 0.30
Package release 1.of.el6
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Development/Libraries
License GPL+ or Artistic
Maintainer -
Download size 26.79 KB
Installed size 63.21 KB
"Spiffy" is a framework and methodology for doing object oriented (OO)
programming in Perl. Spiffy combines the best parts of,, and into one magic foundation class. It attempts
to fix all the nits and warts of traditional Perl OO, in a clean,
straightforward and (perhaps someday) standard way.


Package Version Architecture Repository
perl-Spiffy-0.37-1.of.el6.noarch.rpm 0.37 noarch Open Fusion
perl-Spiffy-0.37-1.of.el6.noarch.rpm 0.37 noarch Open Fusion
perl-Spiffy-0.30-12.el6.noarch.rpm 0.30 noarch CentOS
perl-Spiffy-0.30-12.el6.noarch.rpm 0.30 noarch CentOS
perl-Spiffy-0.30-1.of.el6.noarch.rpm 0.30 noarch Open Fusion
perl-Spiffy - - -


Name Value
perl >= 5.006001
perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.10.1) -
perl(Carp) -
perl(Exporter) -
perl(strict) -
perl(warnings) -


Name Value
perl(DB) -
perl(Spiffy) = 0.30
perl-Spiffy = 0.30-1.of.el6


Type URL
Binary Package perl-Spiffy-0.30-1.of.el6.noarch.rpm
Source Package perl-Spiffy-0.30-1.of.el6.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest openfusion-release rpm from
  2. Install openfusion-release rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh openfusion-release*rpm
  3. Install perl-Spiffy rpm package:
    # yum install perl-Spiffy




2011-02-10 - Gavin Carr <> 0.30-1
- Specfile autogenerated by cpanspec 1.79.

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