fdupes - Finds duplicate files in a given set of directories

Distribution: CentOS 6
Repository: Nux Dextop i386
Package name: fdupes
Package version: 1.50
Package release: 0.4.PR2.el6.nux
Package architecture: i686
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 30.77 KB
Download size: 20.70 KB
Official Mirror: li.nux.ro
FDUPES is a program for identifying duplicate files residing within specified directories.


  • fdupes = 1.50-0.4.PR2.el6.nux
  • fdupes(x86-32) = 1.50-0.4.PR2.el6.nux

    Install Howto

    1. Download the latest nux-dextop-release rpm from
    2. Install nux-dextop-release rpm:
      # rpm -Uvh nux-dextop-release*rpm
    3. Install fdupes rpm package:
      # yum install fdupes


    • /usr/bin/fdupes
    • /usr/share/doc/fdupes-1.50/CHANGES
    • /usr/share/doc/fdupes-1.50/CONTRIBUTORS
    • /usr/share/doc/fdupes-1.50/README
    • /usr/share/doc/fdupes-1.50/TODO
    • /usr/share/man/man1/fdupes.1.gz


    2012-01-13 - Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng@lists.fedoraproject.org> - 1.50-0.4.PR2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_17_Mass_Rebuild

    2011-02-08 - Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng@lists.fedoraproject.org> - 1.50-0.3.PR2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_15_Mass_Rebuild

    2009-07-24 - Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng@lists.fedoraproject.org> - 1.50-0.2.PR2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Mass_Rebuild

    2009-02-01 - Debarshi Ray <rishi@fedoraproject.org> - 1.50-0.1.PR2 - Version bump to 1.50 PR2. * Added --noprompt, --recurse and --summarize options * Now sorts duplicates (old to new) for consistent order when listing or deleting duplicate files. * Now tests for early matching of files, which should help speed up the matching process when large files are involved. * Added warning whenever a file cannot be deleted. * Fixed bug where some files would not be closed after failure. * Fixed bug where confirmmatch() function wouldn't always deal properly with zero-length files. * Fixed bug where progress indicator would not be cleared when no files were found. - Inclusion of string.h now added by upstream. - Added patch to fix file comparisons from Debian. (Debian BTS #213385) - Added patch to enable large file support on 32-bit systems from Debian. (Debian BTS #447601) - Added patch to fix typo in the online manual page from Debian. (Debian BTS

    2008-02-19 - Release Engineering <rel-eng@fedoraproject.org> - 1.40-12 - Autorebuild for gcc-4.3.

    2007-12-27 - Debarshi Ray <rishi@fedoraproject.org> - 1.40-11 - Fixed Makefile to preserve timestamps using 'cp -p'.

    2007-11-29 - Debarshi Ray <rishi@fedoraproject.org> - 1.40-10 - Release bumped to overcome spurious build.

    2007-11-25 - Debarshi Ray <rishi@fedoraproject.org> - 1.40-9 - Initial build. Imported SPEC from Rawhide. - Fixed Makefile to use DESTDIR correctly. - Fixed sources to include string.h.