nodejs-less - Less.js The dynamic stylesheet language

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Distribution CentOS 6
Repository EPEL x86_64
Package name nodejs-less
Package version 1.7.0
Package release 1.el6
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
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LESS extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations
and functions. LESS runs on both the client-side (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
and server-side, with Node.js and Rhino.


Package Version Architecture Repository
nodejs-less-1.7.0-1.el6.noarch.rpm 1.7.0 noarch EPEL
nodejs-less - - -


Name Value
/usr/bin/env -
nodejs -
nodejs(engine) >= 0.8.0
npm(ycssmin) >= 1.0.1
npm(ycssmin) < 1.1


Name Value
lessjs = 1.7.0-1.el6
nodejs-less = 1.7.0-1.el6
npm(less) = 1.7.0


Name Value
lessjs < 1.3.3-2


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Binary Package nodejs-less-1.7.0-1.el6.noarch.rpm
Source Package nodejs-less-1.7.0-1.el6.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest epel-release rpm from
  2. Install epel-release rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh epel-release*rpm
  3. Install nodejs-less rpm package:
    # yum install nodejs-less




2014-03-05 - Stephen Gallagher <> 1.7.0-1
- New upstream release 1.7.0
- Add support for rulesets in variables and passed to mixins to allow wrapping
- Change luma to follow the w3c spec, luma is available as luminance. Contrast
still uses luma so you may see differences if your threshold % is close to
the existing calculated luma.
- Upgraded clean css which means the --selectors-merge-mode is now renamed
- Add support for using variables with @keyframes, @namespace, @charset
- Support property merging with +_ when spaces are needed and keep + for comma
- Imports now always import once consistently- a race condition meant
previously certain configurations would lead to a different ordering of
- Fix support for `.mixin(@args...)` when called with no args (e.g.
- Do unit conversions with min and max functions. Don't pass through if not
understood, throw an error
- Allow % to be passed on its own to the unit function e.g. `unit(10, %)`
- Fix a bug when comparing a unit value to a non-unit value if the unit-value
was the multiple of another unit (e.g. cm, mm, deg etc.)
- Fix mixins with media queries in import reference files not being put into
the output (they now output, they used to incorrectly not)
- Fix lint mode- now reports all errors
- Fixed a small scope issue with & {} selector rulesets incorrectly making
mixins visible- regression from 1.6.2
- Browser- added log level "debug" at 3 to get less logging, The default has
changed so unless you set the value to the default you won't see a
- Browser- logLevel takes effect regardless of the environment (production/dev)
- Browser- added postProcessor option, a function called to post-process the
css before adding to the page
- Browser- use the right request for file access in IE
2014-02-25 - Stephen Gallagher <> 1.6.3-1
- New upstream release 1.6.3
- Fix issue with calling toCSS twice not working in some situations (like with
bootstrap 2)
- The Rhino release is fixed!
- ability to use uppercase colours
- Fix a nasty bug causing syntax errors when selector interpolation is preceded
by a long comment (and some other cases)
- Fix a major bug with the variable scope in guards on selectors (e.g. not
- Fold in & when () { to the current selector rather than duplicating it
- fix another issue with array prototypes
- add a url-args option which adds a value to all urls (for cache busting)
- Round numbers to 8 decimal places - thereby stopping javascript precision
- some improvements to the default() function in more complex scenarios
- improved missing '{' and '(' detection
2014-01-13 - Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.1-1
- New upstream release 1.6.1
- support ^ and ^^ shadow dom selectors
- fix sourcemap selector (used to report end of the element or selector) and
directive position (previously not supported)
- fix parsing empty less files
- error on (currently) ambiguous guards on multiple css selectors
- older environments - protect against typeof regex returning function
- Do not use default keyword
- use innerHTML in tests, not innerText
- protect for-in in case Array and Object prototypes have custom fields

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