elrepo-release - ELRepo.org Community Enterprise Linux Repository release file

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 6
Repository ELRepo Testing i386
Package filename elrepo-release-6-9.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm
Package name elrepo-release
Package version 6
Package release 9.el6.elrepo
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category System Environment/Base
Homepage http://elrepo.org/
License GPLv2
Maintainer -
Download size 7.66 KB
Installed size 3.54 KB
This package contains yum configuration for the ELRepo.org Community Enterprise Linux Repository, as well as the public GPG keys used to sign packages.


Package Version Architecture Repository
elrepo-release-6-9.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm 6 noarch ELRepo
elrepo-release-6-9.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm 6 noarch ELRepo Testing
elrepo-release-6-9.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm 6 noarch ELRepo Kernel
elrepo-release-6-9.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm 6 noarch ELRepo Kernel
elrepo-release-6-9.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm 6 noarch ELRepo
elrepo-release-6-9.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm 6 noarch ELRepo Extras
elrepo-release-6-9.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm 6 noarch ELRepo Extras
elrepo-release - - -


Name Value
glibc = 2.12


Name Value
config(elrepo-release) = 6-9.el6.elrepo
elrepo-release = 6-9.el6.elrepo


Type URL
Mirror mirror.rackspace.com
Binary Package elrepo-release-6-9.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm
Source Package elrepo-release-6-9.el6.elrepo.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest elrepo-release rpm from
  2. Install elrepo-release rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh elrepo-release*rpm
  3. Install elrepo-release rpm package:
    # yum --enablerepo=elrepo-testing install elrepo-release




2019-07-15 - Philip J Perry <phil@elrepo.org> - 6-9
- Remove stale mirror site.
2017-07-23 - Philip J Perry <phil@elrepo.org> - 6-8
- Remove stale mirror site.
2014-06-10 - Philip J Perry <phil@elrepo.org> - 6-7
- Changed requires to glibc to allow for kernel removal.
2014-02-09 - S.Tindall <s10dal@elrepo.org> - 6-6
- Added multiple baseurl= entries
- Used mirrors.elrepo.org in mirrorlist= URL
2013-01-07 - Philip J Perry <phil@elrepo.org> - 6-5
- Add requires for kernel to prevent installing on wrong dist.
- Fix name of Extras repository
2011-06-15 - Akemi Yagi <toracat@elrepo.org> - 6-4
- Added extras repo
- Enable elrepo repo by default
- Clean up the code in the spec file [Alan Bartlett <ajb@elrepo.org>]
2011-01-30 - Philip J Perry <phil@elrepo.org> - 6-3
- Added mirrorlist
- Update license to GPLv2
- Fixed capitalisation in Description and Summary
2010-11-15 - Akemi Yagi <toracat@elrepo.org> - 6-2
- Incorrect tag corrected.
2010-11-11 - Akemi Yagi <toracat@elrepo.org> - 6-1
- First 6.x version
2010-10-21 - Akemi Yagi <toracat@elrepo.org> - 5-1
- Release number now has 5-x format
- Added kernel repo
- Removed fasttrack repo
- Added mirror sites

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