net-snmp-python - The Python 'netsnmp' module for the NET-SNMP

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Distribution CentOS 6
Repository CentOS x86_64
Package filename net-snmp-python-5.5-60.el6.x86_64.rpm
Package name net-snmp-python
Package version 5.5
Package release 60.el6
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Category Development/Libraries
License BSD
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The 'netsnmp' module provides a full featured, tri-lingual SNMP (SNMPv3,
SNMPv2c, SNMPv1) client API. The 'netsnmp' module internals rely on the
Net-SNMP toolkit library.


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net-snmp-python-5.5-60.el6.i686.rpm 5.5 i686 CentOS
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net-snmp-libs = 5.5-60.el6
python(abi) = 2.6
rtld(GNU_HASH) -


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net-snmp-python = 5.5-60.el6
net-snmp-python(x86-64) = 5.5-60.el6


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Binary Package net-snmp-python-5.5-60.el6.x86_64.rpm
Source Package net-snmp-5.5-60.el6.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install net-snmp-python rpm package:

# yum install net-snmp-python




2016-11-23 - Josef Ridky <> - 1:5.5-60.el6
- fix reading of ipAddressTable from /proc/net/if_inet6 on Linux (#1396337)
2016-09-09 - Josef Ridky <> - 1:5.5-59.el6
- fix parser for SCTP stats (#1329333)
2016-08-01 - Josef Ridky <> - 1:5.5-58.el6
- Resolves: #1315481 - An SNMPv3 request with a small max message size can lead to SNMPv1/2c bulk requests timing out
2016-01-20 - Jan Safranek <> - 1:5.5-57.el6
- Removed debug output in large FD_SET processing
2016-01-19 - Jan Safranek <> - 1:5.5-56.el6
- Fixed crash when processing large file descriptor (#1261727)
2015-11-26 - Jan Safranek <> - 1:5.5-55.el6
- Fixed 'clientaddr' option for UDPv6 client messages (#1279501)
- Increased maximum size of AgentX packets (#1271196).
- Fixed IP-MIB::ipSystemStatsInOctets and similar counters for IPv4
- Fixed client utilities reporting 'read_config_store open failure on
/var/lib/net-snmp/snmpapp.conf' (#1246568)
- Fixed typos in NET-SNMP-AGENT-MIB.txt (#1241865)
- Allow clients to use UDPv6 addresses without 'udp6:' prefix (#1227640)
- Restored message about duplicate IP address (#1227374)
- Fixed fd leak in sctp statistics (#1291054)
2015-07-30 - Jan Safranek <> - 1:5.5-54.el6_7.1
- Fixed parsing of invalid variables in incoming packets (#1248410)
2015-04-30 - Jan Safranek <> - 1:5.5-54
- Quicker loading of IP-MIB::ipAddrTable (#1191393)
2015-04-24 - Jan Safranek <> - 1:5.5-53
- Quicker loading of IP-MIB::ipAddressTable (#1191393)
2015-04-07 - Jan Safranek <> - 1:5.5-52
- Fixed snmptrapd crash when '-OQ' parameter is used and invalid trap is
received (#CVE-2014-3565)

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