gdbm-devel - Development libraries and header files for the gdbm library

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Distribution CentOS 6
Repository CentOS x86_64
Package filename gdbm-devel-1.8.0-39.el6.i686.rpm
Package name gdbm-devel
Package version 1.8.0
Package release 39.el6
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Category Development/Libraries
License GPLv2+
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Gdbm-devel contains the development libraries and header files for
gdbm, the GNU database system.  These libraries and header files are
necessary if you plan to do development using the gdbm database.
Install gdbm-devel if you are developing C programs which will use the
gdbm database library.  You'll also need to install the gdbm package.


Package Version Architecture Repository
gdbm-devel-1.8.0-39.el6.i686.rpm 1.8.0 i686 CentOS
gdbm-devel-1.8.0-39.el6.x86_64.rpm 1.8.0 x86_64 CentOS
gdbm-devel-1.8.0-36.el6.i686.rpm 1.8.0 i686 NauLinux School
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gdbm = 1.8.0-39.el6
info - -


Name Value
gdbm-devel = 1.8.0-39.el6
gdbm-devel(x86-32) = 1.8.0-39.el6


Type URL
Binary Package gdbm-devel-1.8.0-39.el6.i686.rpm
Source Package gdbm-1.8.0-39.el6.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gdbm-devel rpm package:

# yum install gdbm-devel




2015-12-15 - Marek Skalicky <> - 1.8.0-39
- dbm_* calls should call the underlying gdbm_* calls using then
Resolves: #668702
2015-01-12 - Honza Horak <> - 1.8.0-38
- Fix patch for #629640 by fixing only the typo
Resolves: #1180392
2014-12-02 - Marek Skalicky <> - 1.8.0-37
- gdbmopen.c: Fix typo; s/GDBM_OPENMASK/GDBM_WRITER/.
Resolves: #629640
2010-05-28 - Karel Klic <> - 1.8.0-36
- Apply -shortread patch
Resolves: #596163
2010-04-12 - Karel Klic <> - 1.8.0-35
- Use fcntl instead of flock for locking to make NFS safe
Resolves: #581524
2010-03-11 - Karel Klic <> - 1.8.0-34
- -jbj patch replaced with -zeroheaders, which extends the header zeroing
and also zeroes the buckets (#572601)
- Fixed a memory leak in gdbm_reorganize(gdb) (rhbz#572598)
- Handle read() returning less data than it was asked for (rhbz#572900)
- Remove static builds from the devel package (#556050)
- Moved autotools reinitialization from %build to %prep section
2009-11-30 - Dennis Gregorovic <> - 1.8.0-33.1
- Rebuilt for RHEL 6
2009-07-24 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.8.0-33
- Rebuilt for
2009-04-17 - Stepan Kasal <> - 1.8.0-32
- Clean up the spec, for merge review.
2009-02-27 - Stepan Kasal <> - 1.8.0-31
- drop *-cflags.patch, move all makefile fixes to *-fhs.patch
- propagate libdir to Makefile; no need to set it on cmdline

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