usbredir - USB network redirection protocol libraries

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Distribution CentOS 6
Repository CentOS i386
Package filename usbredir-0.5.1-3.el6.i686.rpm
Package name usbredir
Package version 0.5.1
Package release 3.el6
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Category System Environment/Libraries
License LGPLv2+
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usbredir is a protocol for redirection USB traffic from a single USB device,
to a different (virtual) machine then the one to which the USB device is
attached. This package contains a number of libraries to help implementing
support for usbredir:
A library containing the parser for the usbredir protocol
A library implementing the usb-host side of a usbredir connection.
All that an application wishing to implement an usb-host needs to do is:
* Provide a libusb device handle for the device
* Provide write and read callbacks for the actual transport of usbredir data
* Monitor for usbredir and libusb read/write events and call their handlers


Package Version Architecture Repository
usbredir-0.5.1-3.el6.x86_64.rpm 0.5.1 x86_64 CentOS
usbredir-0.5.1-3.el6.i686.rpm 0.5.1 i686 CentOS
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usbredir = 0.5.1-3.el6
usbredir(x86-32) = 0.5.1-3.el6


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Binary Package usbredir-0.5.1-3.el6.i686.rpm
Source Package usbredir-0.5.1-3.el6.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install usbredir rpm package:

# yum install usbredir




2015-12-09 - Victor Toso <> - 0.5.1-3
- Add downstream patch which includes a new callback for usbredir
clients in order to drop isoc packets if client buffer is too big
- Add downstream patch defining USBREDIR_VERSION so applications can
test against which version they are building
- Resolves: rhbz#1290749
2015-03-02 - Hans de Goede <> - 0.5.1-2
- Add upstream patch to fix usbredirparser headerlen bug when talking to
the standalone usbredirserver
- Resolves: rhbz#1085318
- Add upstream patch with do-not-reset-device-blacklist
- Extend blacklist with 2798:0001
- Resolves: rhbz#1115917
2012-09-19 - Hans de Goede <> - 0.5.1-1
- Update to upstream 0.5.1 release
- Resolves: rhbz#842356
- Remove bulk packets time out, this fixes various devices not working
- Resolves: rhbz#834560
- Add support to libusbredirparser for state serialization
- Resolves: rhbz#842316
- Drop isochronous packets when the network is too slow to keep up
- Resolves: rhbz#855737
2012-04-02 - Hans de Goede <> - 0.4.3-1
- Update to upstream 0.4.3 release
- Don't crash on devices in unconfigured state
- Resolves: rhbz#808758
- Significantly speed up reset handling
- Resolves: rhbz#808730
2012-03-06 - Hans de Goede <> - 0.4.2-1
- Update to upstream 0.4.2 release
- Related: rhbz#758098
2012-02-25 - Hans de Goede <> - 0.4.1-1
- Update to upstream 0.4.1 release
- Related: rhbz#758098
2012-02-23 - Hans de Goede <> - 0.4-1
- Update to upstream 0.4 release
- Related: rhbz#758098
2012-01-18 - Hans de Goede <> - 0.3.3-3
- Add ExcludeArch: s390 s390x as there is no libusb there 
- Related: rhbz#758098
2012-01-17 - Hans de Goede <> - 0.3.3-2
- Build for RHEL-6
- Resolves: rhbz#758098
2012-01-12 - Hans de Goede <> - 0.3.3-1
- Update to upstream 0.3.3 release

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