scl-utils-build - RPM build macros for alternative packaging

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Distribution CentOS 6
Repository CentOS i386
Package filename scl-utils-build-20120927-29.el6_9.i686.rpm
Package name scl-utils-build
Package version 20120927
Package release 29.el6_9
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Category Applications/File
License GPLv2+
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Essential RPM build macros for alternative packaging.


Package Version Architecture Repository
scl-utils-build-20120927-29.el6_9.x86_64.rpm 20120927 x86_64 CentOS
scl-utils-build-20120229-1.el6.x86_64.rpm 20120229 x86_64 EPEL
scl-utils-build-20120229-1.el6.i686.rpm 20120229 i686 EPEL
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Name Value
scl-utils-build = 20120927-29.el6_9
scl-utils-build(x86-32) = 20120927-29.el6_9


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Binary Package scl-utils-build-20120927-29.el6_9.i686.rpm
Source Package scl-utils-20120927-29.el6_9.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install scl-utils-build rpm package:

# yum install scl-utils-build




2016-12-13 - Joe Orton <> - 20120927-29
- fix "scl enable" usage in shebang lines (#1371936)
2015-03-11 - Lubos Kardos <> - 20120927-27
- If macro buildsubdir doesn't exist then replace it with empty string.
2015-02-05 - Lubos Kardos <> - 20120927-26
- Remove /scls/ from macros  _sysconfdir, _sharedstatedir and _localstatedir
2015-01-27 - Lubos Kardos <> - 20120927-25
- Creating filelist in build subdirectory instead of build directory.
- Removing filelist before build.
2015-01-06 - Jan Zeleny <> - 20120927-24
- Reflect the state of %nfsmountable macro in collections' rpm macro files
2014-10-08 - Lubos Kardos < - 20120927-23
- Modified paths of state and conf files
- Add owning and creating of state and conf files if nfsmountable is defined
- Add printing file names in error messages
2014-09-25 - Jan Zeleny <> - 20120927-22
- Add execution of register and deregister scripts during registration
and deregistration if they exist.
- Add capability to make collection nfs mountable using macro nfsmountable.
- removed the dependency generators and all related changes
(maintainers' demands)
2014-08-26 - Jan Zeleny <> - 20120927-21
- fix an obscure segfault when listing collections on i386
- fix registration to work with slash-ended paths
- add the %scl_dependency_generators macro
- drop recursive ownership of /usr/lib within SCL root
2014-08-01 - Jan Zeleny <> - 20120927-20
- register and deregister: if there is an error registering or deregistering
one or more collection, skip it but return non-zero return code
- fix the problem with metapackage dependencies when BuildArch is specified
2014-07-17 - Jan Zeleny <> - 20120927-19
- register and deregister: include bash completion and help

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