rsyslog7-gnutls - TLS protocol support for rsyslog

Property Value
Distribution CentOS 6
Repository CentOS i386
Package filename rsyslog7-gnutls-7.4.10-7.el6.i686.rpm
Package name rsyslog7-gnutls
Package version 7.4.10
Package release 7.el6
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Category System Environment/Daemons
License (GPLv3+ and ASL 2.0)
Maintainer -
Download size 18.35 KB
Installed size 30.14 KB
The rsyslog-gnutls package contains the rsyslog plugins that provide the
ability to receive syslog messages via upcoming syslog-transport-tls
IETF standard protocol.


Package Version Architecture Repository
rsyslog7-gnutls-7.4.10-7.el6.x86_64.rpm 7.4.10 x86_64 CentOS
rsyslog7-gnutls - - -


Name Value - - -
rsyslog7 = 7.4.10-7.el6
rtld(GNU_HASH) -


Name Value -
rsyslog7-gnutls = 7.4.10-7.el6
rsyslog7-gnutls(x86-32) = 7.4.10-7.el6


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Binary Package rsyslog7-gnutls-7.4.10-7.el6.i686.rpm
Source Package rsyslog7-7.4.10-7.el6.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install rsyslog7-gnutls rpm package:

# yum install rsyslog7-gnutls




2016-10-24 - Radovan Sroka <> 7.4.10-7
- fix warning in net.c in debug mode
- added rsyslog-7.4.10-fix-net-warning.patch
resolves: rhbz#1388420
2016-10-20 - Radovan Sroka <> 7.4.10-6
- add patch to enable TLS1_2 explicitly
resolves: rhbz#1323199
2016-03-07 - Tomas Heinrich <> 7.4.10-5
- add a patch to enable setting SO_RCVBUF on imudp sockets
resolves: rhbz#1263518
2015-11-25 - Tomas Heinrich <> 7.4.10-4
- add a patch to fix a race condition in directory creation
resolves: rhbz#1202455
- add a patch to prevent crashes when using multiple rulesets
resolves: rhbz#1224335
- add a patch to fix an undefined behavior caused by the maxMessageSize directive
resolves: rhbz#1184722
- add a patch to remove a limit on number of sources in imfile
resolves: rhbz#1122802
- add an explicit, versioned requirement on librelp to work
around an incorrect soname
resolves: rhbz#1191680
- make logrotate tolerate missing log files
resolves: rhbz#1252909
- replace bundled docs with updated upstream documentation
remove reference to queue.spoolDirectory
drop empty NEWS file
resolves: rhbz#1238451
resolves: rhbz#1243293
2014-10-09 - Tomas Heinrich <> 7.4.10-3
- fix CVE-2014-3634
resolves: #1149151
2014-06-06 - Tomas Heinrich <> 7.4.10-2
- amend rsyslog.conf man page with information on omitting file sync
resolves: #994127
- add a patch to support TCP KEEPALIVE in imrelp
resolves: #1009048
- add a patch to fix missing note about message repetition in imuxsock
resolves: #1020431
- add a patch to prevent division-by-zero errors
resolves: #996862
- add a patch to fix the name of the PID file in man page
resolves: #1009882
- add a patch to remove references to Google ads from the html docs
resolves: #1030040
- add missing image files referenced from the html docs
resolves: #1031673
- add a patch to backport the mmcount module
resolves: #1030206
- add a patch to support arbitrary number of listeners in imuxsock
resolves: #1096732
- remove clean section
resolves: #869600
- add a list of bugs fixed by rebasing to 7.4.10
resolves: #996857, #1007409, #1029910, #1061614, #1070689
2014-05-10 - Tomas Heinrich <> 7.4.10-1
- initial import of rsyslog7
changes since rsyslog-5.8.10-8:
- rebase to 7.4.10
- drop patches merged upstream
- regenerate patches for rhbz820311, rhbz886117
- add a patch to remove dependency on liblogging-stdlog
- add a patch to fix compilation of omelasticsearch
on platforms without atomic instructions
- mark package as conlicting with rsyslog
- update specification of dependencies
- add the script
- add new plugins
imdiag, mmanon, mmjsonparse, mmsnmptrapd, omelasticsearch,
pmaixforwardedfrom, pmcisconames, pmsnare
- add new subpackage rsyslog-elasticsearch
- make the build more verbose by adding 'V=1' to make
- update conf file for new omusrmsg syntax
for details, see
- drop default compatibility mode from SYSLOGD_OPTIONS
for details, see
- fix typos in the spec file
resolves: #869600

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