parted - The GNU disk partition manipulation program

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Distribution CentOS 6
Repository CentOS i386
Package filename parted-2.1-29.el6.i686.rpm
Package name parted
Package version 2.1
Package release 29.el6
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Category Applications/System
License GPLv3+
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The GNU Parted program allows you to create, destroy, resize, move,
and copy hard disk partitions. Parted can be used for creating space
for new operating systems, reorganizing disk usage, and copying data
to new hard disks.


Package Version Architecture Repository
parted-2.1-29.el6.x86_64.rpm 2.1 x86_64 CentOS
parted-2.1-29.el6.i686.rpm 2.1 i686 CentOS
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parted = 2.1-29.el6
parted(x86-32) = 2.1-29.el6


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Binary Package parted-2.1-29.el6.i686.rpm
Source Package parted-2.1-29.el6.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install parted rpm package:

# yum install parted




2015-03-09 - Brian C. Lane <> 2.1-29
- Reset the environment for consistent test results
Resolves: rhbz#1199434
2015-02-25 - Brian C. Lane <> 2.1-28
- libparted: Use pri before freeing it
Related: rhbz#1180683
2015-02-20 - Brian C. Lane <> 2.1-27
- libparted: fix gpt end of disk handling
Resolves: rhbz#1180683
- tests: Add tests for gpt end of disk handling
Related: rhbz#1180683
2015-02-19 - Brian C. Lane <> 2.1-26
- libparted: device mapper uses 512b sectors
Resolves: rhbz#1189328
- tests: Add a test for device-mapper partition sizes
Related: rhbz#1189328
- tests: Turn on testing of other blocksizes
Related: rhbz#1189328
2014-09-09 - Brian C. Lane <> 2.1-25
- Skip t8000-loop test on systems without partitioned loop support
Resolves: rhbz#1139435
2014-05-07 - Brian C. Lane <> 2.1-24
- Slow down rereading part table
Resolves: rhbz#1074069
2014-05-02 - Brian C. Lane <> 2.1-23
- Drop the warning about greater than 512-byte sector sizes being experimental
Resolves: rhbz#929319
2014-05-01 - Brian C. Lane <> 2.1-22
- Add PreP GUID support
Resolves: rhbz#1054283
- Fix busy partition detection on devices witout sequential minor device numbers
Resolves: rhbz#1018075
- Fix align-check in interactive mode
Resolves: rhbz#975478
2013-08-02 - Brian C. Lane <> 2.1-21
- Raise size limit on loop devices
Resolves: #869743
- Remove dm device when last partition is removed
Resolves: #851705
2013-07-24 - Brian C. Lane <> 2.1-20
- libparted: IBM Patches for FBA and EAV DASD support
Resolves: #631928

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