html2ps - HTML to PostScript converter

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Distribution CentOS 6
Repository CentOS i386
Package filename html2ps-1.0-0.4.b5.el6.noarch.rpm
Package name html2ps
Package version 1.0
Package release 0.4.b5.el6
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Applications/Publishing
License GPLv2+
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An HTML to PostScript converter written in Perl.
* Many possibilities to control the appearance.
* Support for processing multiple documents.
* A table of contents can be generated.
* Configurable page headers/footers.
* Automatic hyphenation and text justification can be selected.


Package Version Architecture Repository
html2ps-1.0-0.4.b5.el6.noarch.rpm 1.0 noarch EPEL
html2ps-1.0-0.4.b5.el6.noarch.rpm 1.0 noarch EPEL
html2ps-1.0-0.4.b5.el6.noarch.rpm 1.0 noarch CentOS
html2ps - - -


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/usr/bin/paperconf -
/usr/bin/perl -
ghostscript -
perl(HTTP::Cookies) -
perl(HTTP::Request) -
perl(Image::Magick) -
perl(LWP::UserAgent) -
perl(POSIX) -
tex(dvips) -
tex(tex) -


Name Value
config(html2ps) = 1.0-0.4.b5.el6
html2ps = 1.0-0.4.b5.el6


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Binary Package html2ps-1.0-0.4.b5.el6.noarch.rpm
Source Package html2ps-1.0-0.4.b5.el6.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install html2ps rpm package:

# yum install html2ps




2010-04-27 - Petr Pisar <> - 1.0-0.4.b5
- Fix spelling
- Default attributes for xhtml2ps %files
- Backport SSI traversal fix from 1.0b6 upstream version (#586356)
- Replace libpaper dependency with paperconf binary to make rpmlint happy
2010-04-26 - Dennis Gregorovic <> - 1.0-0.3.b5.1
- Rebuilt for RHEL 6
Related: rhbz#566527
2009-07-24 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.0-0.3.b5
- Rebuilt for
2009-02-24 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.0-0.2.b5
- Rebuilt for
2008-04-18 - Patrice Dumas <> 1.0-0.1.b5
- initial release

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