binutils-devel - BFD and opcodes static libraries and header files

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Distribution CentOS 6
Repository CentOS i386
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Package name binutils-devel
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Package release 5.48.el6
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Category System Environment/Libraries
License GPLv3+
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This package contains BFD and opcodes static libraries and associated
header files.  Only *.a libraries are included, because BFD doesn't
have a stable ABI.  Developers starting new projects are strongly encouraged
to consider using libelf instead of BFD.


Package Version Architecture Repository
binutils-devel- x86_64 CentOS Updates
binutils-devel- i686 CentOS Updates
binutils-devel- i686 CentOS Updates
binutils-devel- x86_64 CentOS
binutils-devel- i686 CentOS
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zlib-devel -


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binutils-devel =
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binutils <


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Install Howto

Install binutils-devel rpm package:

# yum install binutils-devel




2017-07-31 - Nick Clifton <> -
- Fix placement of NOBITS sections when using objcopy.
2017-03-15 - Nick Clifton <> -
- Fix seg-fault in x86 PIE binaries. (#1427285)
2017-01-05 - Nick Clifton <> -
- Fix seg-fault in readelf reading corrupt binary. (#1409817)
2016-07-05 - Nick Clifton <> -
- Fix locating and reading separate debug info files. (#1311494)
2015-12-08 - Nick Clifton <> -
- Backport upstream RELRO fixes. (#1227839)
2014-12-18 - Jeff Law <> -
- Don't replace R_390_TLS_LE{32,64} with R_390_TLS_TPOFF for PIE
2014-08-12 - Jeff Law <> -
- Do not overwrite valid SONAME with empty string.  (#1128279)
2014-04-24 - Patsy Franklin <> -
- Add check for debugging section in LD to LE linker relaxation 
for R_390_TLS_LDO32. (#959422)
2014-04-09 - Jeff Law <> -
- Fix up manpage for assembler (#870125)
2014-04-09 - Jeff Law <> -
- Do not install windmc(1) man page (#850832)

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