local-perl-Carp-Clan - Carp-Clan - Report errors from perspective of caller of a "clan" of modules

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Distribution CentOS 5
Repository End Point i386
Package name local-perl-Carp-Clan
Package version 6.00
Package release 1
Package architecture noarch
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This module is based on "C<Carp.pm>" from Perl 5.005_03. It has been
modified to skip all package names matching the pattern given in
the "use" statement inside the "C<qw()>" term (or argument list).
Suppose you have a family of modules or classes named "Pack::A",
"Pack::B" and so on, and each of them uses "C<Carp::Clan qw(^Pack::);>"
(or at least the one in which the error or warning gets raised).
Thus when for example your script "tool.pl" calls module "Pack::A",
and module "Pack::A" calls module "Pack::B", an exception raised in
module "Pack::B" will appear to have originated in "tool.pl" where
"Pack::A" was called, and not in "Pack::A" where "Pack::B" was called,
as the unmodified "C<Carp.pm>" would try to make you believe C<:-)>.
This works similarly if "Pack::B" calls "Pack::C" where the
exception is raised, etcetera.
In other words, this blames all errors in the "C<Pack::*>" modules
on the user of these modules, i.e., on you. C<;-)>
The skipping of a clan (or family) of packages according to a pattern
describing its members is necessary in cases where these modules are
not classes derived from each other (and thus when examining C<@ISA>
- as in the original "C<Carp.pm>" module - doesn't help).
The purpose and advantage of this is that a "clan" of modules can work
together (and call each other) and throw exceptions at various depths
down the calling hierarchy and still appear as a monolithic block (as
though they were a single module) from the perspective of the caller.
In case you just want to ward off all error messages from the module
in which you "C<use Carp::Clan>", i.e., if you want to make all error
messages or warnings to appear to originate from where your module
was called (this is what you usually used to "C<use Carp;>" for C<;-)>),
instead of in your module itself (which is what you can do with a
"die" or "warn" anyway), you do not need to provide a pattern,
the module will automatically provide the correct one for you.
I.e., just "C<use Carp::Clan;>" without any arguments and call "carp"
or "croak" as appropriate, and they will automatically defend your
module against all blames!
In other words, a pattern is only necessary if you want to make
several modules (more than one) work together and appear as though
they were only one.


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local-perl-Carp-Clan-6.00-1.noarch.rpm 6.00 noarch End Point
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local-perl(Carp::Clan) = 6.00
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local-perl-Carp-Clan = 6.00-1


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Binary Package local-perl-Carp-Clan-6.00-1.noarch.rpm
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Install Howto

  1. Download latest endpoint-release rpm from https://packages.endpoint.com/rhel/5/os/i386/
  2. Install endpoint-release rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh endpoint-release*rpm
  3. Install local-perl-Carp-Clan rpm package:
    # yum install local-perl-Carp-Clan




2008-08-06 - rpmbuild-local@sl4-rhel5-build64.endpoint.com
- Initial build.

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